Sun, Apr 12, 2009

Mobile Marketing

RegiSoft, the software solutions developer, brings to market value-added services in the form of mobile marketing, mobile ticketing and interactive services. Its flagship product, the World Trade Server, addresses the various business needs of network operators, service providers, retailers, vendors and media players looking to deploy value-added services to create alternative sources of revenue and to interact with their customers on a personal level.

Established in 1999, RegiSoft is a privately held company with offices and representation in Europe, the US and Israel and a worldwide market reach. Initially, private investors from the US and Europe invested in the company. In the second and third rounds of funding, institutional investors from Europe (Europe Dassault and Holland Venture) and Japan (Hikari Tsushin) joined the company. There are 25 employees in the company. Of these, 12 are in research and development

RegiSoft has formed partnerships with IBM and Ericsson in order to have worldwide marketing reach and offer comprehensive product support.

RegiSoft’s management has extensive experience in product development, project management and marketing. The RegiSoft brand and products have been deployed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company has dedicated teams in these regions with the aim of positioning the company as a leader in its class for m-commerce solutions.

RegiSoft’s platform offers:

* campaign creation environment for implementation, operation and control

* MAXI personalisation — profiling, personalisation, data-mining, anti-spam features (op-tin and opt-out)

* strong linkage between m-marketing, m-ticketing and interactive services

* multi-vendor support and meets ASP model requirements

* telco-grade scalability, redundancy, clustering and heavy load support

* security for communication and data

* universal access layer communication with any device through any protocol

* HTML, e-mail, IVR, SMS, EMS, MMS, WAP, WAP push, J2ME and others

* unified trade system seamless integration with back-office systems

* machine and platform independence, and multi-database support

* multi-redemption capability.

RegiSoft offers various business models to its customers based on software licence fees or revenue sharing. The company targets its solutions at ASPs, service providers, cellcos, retailers, brand owners, advertisers and the media.

The company has projects in different territories. Most are with service providers, others involve operators as initiators or sponsors. The remaining projects are with advertising agencies and marketers.

The first commercial deployment took place in 2002. Version 1.3.0 of the World Trade Server was released in 1H 2003 and supports both mobile-terminated and mobile-originated campaigns. The World Trade Server is a pure Java application and can be installed on any platform running a Java servlet engine. It supports throughputs in the range of hundreds of transactions per second with large databases of several millions of transactions.

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