FXTrinity Part 2

Fri, Aug 21, 2009


Systems management This layer handles monitoring and alert management. FXTrinity currently operates more than 700 monitors to check on the state of the platform at any given point in time. At each layer, scalability is achieved through the use of arrays of multiple servers that can be expanded in number should the need arise. Most […]

FXTrinity Part I

Thu, Aug 20, 2009


FXTrinity is engineered for high-performance applications such as TV voting. The platform can handle several hundred transactions per second. In addition, the platform has been designed to scale on demand. FXTrinity handled the world’s largest SMS TV voting event, Miss World, which involved 110 countries simultaneously voting. FXTrinity is composed of four key functional layers: […]

FLYTXT: Customer loyalty relationship marketing

Wed, Aug 19, 2009

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Flytxt provides customer loyalty relationship marketing solutions to clients, helping them increase loyalty and revenues through customer retention. Clients that Flytxt has successfully run campaigns for include Five TV, Chrysalis, Emap (Smash Hits magazine and the Kiss 100 radio station) and Bayer. These campaigns involved newsletters and loyalty programmes and needed a moderate amount of […]

FLYTXT: Customer acquisition AND Media interactivity

Wed, Aug 19, 2009


Flytxt provides clients with the means to acquire new customers. This business need is usually coupled with a need to drive incremental sales (sales promotion) and increase brand awareness. Examples of successful Flytxt customer acquisition campaigns are Coke, Cadbury and Gossard’s "G4me" Campaign. These campaigns involved a range of techniques, from point-collection schemes to text-and-win […]


Wed, Apr 15, 2009


Founded in 2000, Flytxt is a privately held company based in London. It currently has 35 employees, of which 16 are involved in software development. Flytxt raised E 2 million in 2000. The lead investor was IVC, a German venture capitalist specialising in seed-stage investments. The second institutional seed financing investor was Mars Capital. Other […]